Spousal Support

How to Calculate Spousal Support:

Our Spousal Support Family Law Attorneys Explain.

Getting a divorce? One of the biggest concerns for a divorcing couple is spousal support. Consult with a family law attorney experienced in spousal support to determine who pays whom and how much before finalizing your divorce decree. The spousal support lawyers at The Julian Firm understand that divorce  hearings are stressful, emotional experiences for both parties. Whether you are going to pay spousal support or receive payments from your former spouse, our spousal support family law attorney can answer your questions.

Since founding our Flower Mound family law firm, we have helped hundreds of people across North Texas to understand the complexities of Texas spousal support and seek fair payment agreements. When you schedule a consultation with The Julian Firm, we can advise you of your rights regarding spousal support.

How is Spousal Support Determined in Texas?

The court will consider several factors when deciding whether the spouse requesting support meets the required thresholds. The standard here is “lacking earning ability to provide for his or her minimum reasonable needs.” Some factors are:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Spouses’ health and age
  • How the spouses treated each other during the course of the marriage
  • What financial resources each party will have once the property has been divided
  • Both spouses’ current education levels and employment skills
  • How much time it would take the spouse requesting support to get education or training to earn a reasonable living
  • The availability, and reasonable feasibility, of obtaining and going through the relevant training

A spouse cannot request support without also providing proof that they have been trying dilligently to find employment, training, and educational opportunities. However, this requirement for trying to locate work/work-related opportunities does not apply in the case of immigrant spouses where the Affidavit of Support is in fact being enforced during the divorce process.

How Can I Modify My Spousal Support Payments?

Monthly spousal support payments are limited to the lesser of 20 percent of the paying spouse’s “average gross monthly income” or $5,000. The exact amount is determined by the court, based on a variety of factors, including the spouse’s education, employment history, and “homemaker” contribution to the marriage. Either spouse may file a motion with the court to reduce the amount of a monthly payment if there is a significant change in their circumstances. Our Texas family law attorneys can guide a party when deciding whether or not to file such a motion.

Still Need Help? Contact a Spousal Support Family Law Attorney.

Our spousal support family law attorney wants to help you no matter which side of spousal support payments you are on. If you are the paying spouse, then learn how to ensure that you are not responsible for higher support payments than the law requires. If you are the recipient spouse, then learn how the court can enforce the court order if your former spouse or partner does not comply.

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