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Need a Sexual Harrasment Attorney?

Former Texas Police Officer, The Julian Firm’s Sexual Harassment Lawyer Stands Up for Victims’ Rights.

Looking for a sexual harassment attorney? A former Texas police officer, The Julian Firm’s sexual harassment lawyer has decades of experience defending victims and families from acts of harassment and stalking. Texas harassment laws aim to protect individuals and households from this type of harmful, menacing behavior. It then imposes strict penalties against those found guilty.

As a victim of harassment, you have legal options and deserve the best sexual harassment attorney available. If you need our sexual harassment lawyer to file a restraining order in Texas or to enforce a protective order, we’ll be ready to serve you. Attorney Jared Julian, who is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, can also answer questions about bringing harassment charges. We commit to taking the legal measures necessary to guard the safety of you and your family. Our law firm is available 24/7, whenever and wherever you need legal help. For restraining order or harassment help, our family law attorneys serve clients across North Texas. This includes assisting clients in Grapevine, Addison and Lantana with family law and related defense issues.

What is Sexual Harassment According to Texas Law?

Do you need a sexual harassment attorney? First, you might wonder what exactly defines sexual harassment in your state. Texas harassment laws state that harassment encompasses any form of unwelcome communication meant to make the recipient feel uneasy, intimidated or upset, and sexual harassment includes any of these items containing sexual content. This may include:

  • Any behavior meant to annoy, embarrass or harass a victim
  • Unwelcome, unsolicited communications to the person, friends, family or associates
  • Behavior that could be construed as stalking
    Common forms of harassment actions include:
  • Speaking in person
  • Texting
  • Calling
  • E-mailing
  • Social media/online

Texas harassment laws also prohibit a sexual harassment perpetrator from communicating with members of a victim’s household, family or with a victim’s current partner. Making unsolicited calls to an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend repeatedly to annoy them may be a form of illegal harassment.

In Texas, sexual harassment is a misdemeanor criminal offense. It is punishable by fines, jail time and the implementation of protective or restraining orders. Our sexual harassment lawyers can help you file a harassment claim, enforce a protective order or file a restraining order.

What is Legally Considered Stalking in Texas?

According to Texas sexual harassment and stalking laws, “stalking” is repeated conduct intended to threaten, intimidate or scare an acquaintance, stranger, or commonly, a former romantic partner.

For an act to be in violation of the Texas stalking laws, a victim must feel that his or her well-being or life is endangered. Oftentimes, a perpetrator may have strong, compulsive feelings toward his or her victim. This can then lead to violent tendencies, threats and destructive behavior. After calling your local police, reach out to our sexual harassment attorneys, if feel you are being stalked, to seek legal protection.

What are Examples of Stalking?

Intent is important in Texas sexual harassment, stalking and family law cases. Did the alleged stalker intend to instill a sense of reasonable fear in the victim? Did the conduct occur on more than one occasion?

What are some examples of sexual harassing or stalking behavior under the Texas stalking laws? These include the following acts:

  • Relentlessly following a victim
  • Committing property vandalism on more than one occasion
  • Recurring calls that are threatening in nature
  • Driving by a victim’s home repeatedly
  • Parking outside of or nearby the victim’s house, place of work or children’s schools
  • Stalking can affect more than just the targeted person. Behavior directed toward a victim’s family members or his/her current significant other is also stalking.

Were you or a member of your household relentlessly pursued? Or, did you experience suspicious behavior like stalking? If so, then our sexual harassment lawyers can help you. We can file a stalking claim for a protective order. We want to protect you from the threat of a potentially dangerous and violent individual.

What Should I Do If I am Being Sexually Harassed or Stalked?

If you suspect a sexual harasser or stalker, then alert your local police department of each incident. Police reports can serve as a method of documenting the repetitive actions of a culprit. They also provide a good amount of supporting evidence in a stalking case. It is also a good idea to notify neighbors, co-workers, family members and friends of what is going on, and what the violator looks like if they do not already know. Neighbors may be able inform you if the offender stopped by your home while you were at work. Additionally, family and friends can alert you of any attempted communications made through them.

If you believe someone is stalking or harassing you, it is wise to keep record of all correspondences sent to you. Save voicemail, text messages, emails, call histories and social media contact attempts. These will then be helpful in proving the frequency and degree of sexual harassment.

If the threatening individual is a family member, ex-husband or wife, has ever lived with you or is the parent of your child/children, then you may choose take legal defense by filing a protective order. This can prohibit him/her from being within certain proximity of your home, work or child’s school.

Our Sexual Harassment Lawyer Provides Legal Consultation and Protective Order Representation

A sexual harassment attorney at The Julian Firm will file a harassment claim in your defense. We want to stop the harassing party from further communication or badgering. Depending on the circumstances, we may also be able to obtain a temporary restraining order or protective order for immediate relief from sexual harassment.

Reach out to our sexual harassment attorney for a consultation or call (972) 459-4400. Then, we may determine to best plan of action regarding your harassment or stalking claims. Our Texas family law firm wants your rights respected and your household safe. If you need a sexual harassment lawyer, please call us! We are here to help.