Denton County Divorce Attorney Explains the Benefits of Mediation

Family law mediation is an alternative to the traditional settlement negotiation between lawyers or litigation in a courtroom. During mediation, you and the other party, as well as your lawyers, negotiate through a mediator. This mediator, usually an attorney, acts as a neutral third party who can facilitate discussion. This kind of dispute resolution, if successful, allows you to avoid the courtroom altogether, as well as the associated stress. According to Jared Julian, Denton County divorce attorney and certified mediator, there are many additional benefits to mediation, especially for children. Mediation can help your family work through divorce, child custody disagreements and other family law issues as painlessly as possible.

At The Julian Firm, P.C., we believe that mediation can benefit many families by allowing them to work through potentially stressful and combative cases. In fact, founding partner Jared Julian is a Denton County divorce attorney specializing in family law, and a certified Texas mediator. As a mediator, he has a 95% success rate in reaching full and signed settlement agreements, even in the most contentious cases.

What are the Benefits of Family Law Mediation for Clients?

According to Jared Julian, Denton County divorce attorney and certified mediator, divorce, child custody modification and grandparent rights proceedings are unavoidably emotional. These heightened emotions and resentment often make frank discussion difficult, even with the guidance of your family law attorney. A neutral third party, like a mediator, eases these tensions and encourages communication. During mediation in Texas, you and your attorney stay in one room while the other person is in another. This allows you to speak honestly to the mediator, without fear of reprisal or hurt feelings, which benefits both sides enormously.

Other major benefits of family law mediation for the parties directly involved include:

  • Mediation creates a positive environment of cooperation, rather than a negative environment of competition.
  • You control the outcome of your divorce agreement, child custody modification or other family law matter.
  • Negotiation allows the exchange of concerns, ideas and information without worrying that only the person who shouts the loudest will be heard.
  • There is the potential for a wider range of practical solutions to your disagreement.
  • Mediation often helps make post-divorce family relationships and interactions easier to navigate.
  • Mediation is a private and confidential process, whereas divorce litigation in court is a public forum.
  • Most people save money through mediation by avoiding court costs.
  • Mediation often takes less time than traditional settlement negotiations or a trial.

Through family law mediation, most people are able to create a settlement or divorce agreement that is acceptable to everyone. Even those who attend mediation only after a court order often find that it is a positive experience.

What are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation for Children?

According to Jared Julian, Denton County divorce attorney and certified mediator, one of the biggest benefits of family law or divorce mediation is that it is often easier on any children involved. Calm discussion allows parents to truly focus on what is best for their family and to create a workable parenting plan. Other benefits of divorce mediation when children are involved include:

  • Negotiations may include the practical considerations of parenting, instead of simply legal rights and financial issues.
  • Divorce mediation minimizes the stress and negative effects of divorce for children, including removing the need for them to appear in a public court.
  • You may include and discuss a child’s own opinions and desires in divorce mediation negotiations.
  • Successful mediation may make post-divorce interactions easier for both parents and children as well as the extended family.

Divorce mediation is often the best way for parents to create a practical custody arrangement and child support agreement they both can follow. However, mediation can also be beneficial in custody modification proceedings. If you and/or your former spouse wish to alter the terms of your original agreement, you may be able to do so under certain circumstances. A mediator can facilitate this discussion and ensure that any changes made are in the best interest of your child.

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If you are considering divorce, family law mediation may help you and your former spouse negotiate a separation and settlement agreement. However, you should still consult with a divorce attorney for assistance with the legal aspects of your case.

Denton County divorce attorney Jared Julian is also a Texas mediator. As a result, he can represent your case, advise you on what to expect during mediation and help you during negotiations. If you have questions about divorce or family law, contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation.