Family Law Mediation


Divorce Mediation in Denton County TX

Certified Texas Mediator for Alternative Dispute Resolution

During my 20+ years as a family law attorney in Texas, I have participated in hundreds of family law mediation sessions as both the attorney representing a party, and as the mediator. Divorce mediation is not usually mandatory when filing for divorce in Texas, unless ordered by a judge. However, in my experience, many families benefit enormously from discussing their concerns with a mediator before resorting to the courtroom.

As a lawyer handling divorce mediation, I have seen how the heightened emotions and the fear of losing can make divorce and child custody proceedings extremely contentious. As a certified Texas mediator doing divorce mediation in Denton County TX, I am able to speak to both parties from a neutral position. Without the stress and stakes of the courtroom, I ensure that everyone is heard so I can facilitate satisfactory resolutions to disputes. As a result, I have a success rate of over 95% in reaching full and final Mediated Settlement Agreements.

Family Law Mediation Goals and Strengths

As a Texas family law mediator, I first and foremost try to put everyone at ease. I have been on the other side of the table as a divorce lawyer, so I know that family law disputes often seem like competitions. However, as a mediator, I look at both sides impartially and work with everyone to find a mutually beneficial resolution. Most importantly, I take the time to listen to both parties’ concerns, without the competitiveness of regular settlement negotiations. This alone is often enough to facilitate an equitable agreement.

My strengths in cases of divorce mediation in Denton County TX include:

  1. Adjusting and adapting when dealing with high conflict personalities and perceived power and voice inequality.
  2. Offering creative resolutions catered to each family’s particular situation and fact scenario.
  3. Helping family members reach an understanding that they have been heard, that they can control their fate and that they can obtain closure to this difficult time.
  4. Quickly analyzing and understanding complex financial and property issues. These often include characterization, valuation, support, reimbursement and other equitable claims under Texas family and property laws.

I do not simply convey offers between rooms, and I all but absolutely refuse to transport offers that are inherently unreasonable. My objective as a family law and divorce mediator is to adapt to the personalities of the parties in order to advance the shared goals of the disputing sides, all while reducing conflict between the two parties. I allow the agreed resolution to form through open and candid conversations about realistic expectations. Ultimately, I aim to reach a signed agreement on the day of mediation.

Divorce Mediation in Denton County TX

As a certified mediator, I have facilitated negotiations in a range of family law areas. These include divorce and child support agreements as well as cases involving grandparent rights, adoption and child custody modification. Although mediation is not the best solution for some, I strongly believe in alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) whenever possible. Clients who reach a Mediated Settlement Agreement save money by avoiding court costs. Additionally, they are usually happier with this resolution than they would be with a court order.

If you are considering divorce mediation in Denton County TX, I am happy to answer your questions. Call (972) 459-4400 and ask for Mediator Jared Julian.