Divorce Modifications

Do You Need to Modify the Terms of Your Divorce?

Lewisville Divorce Attorney Offers Guidance on Modifying Child Custody and Other Agreements

No one can predict the future. After a divorce, your circumstances or your former spouse’s circumstances may change. When this happens, you may want to consider changing the terms of your divorce decree.

Your divorce decree is meant to be beneficial and fair to both you and your former spouse. As your lives, income or health changes, the definition of what is best for both of you or for your children may change as well. If your circumstances have changed enough, you may need to alter the terms of your divorce to once again have a balanced agreement.

Lewisville divorce attorney Jared Julian, who is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, or another member of our experienced legal team can help modify child support, spousal support and child custody or conservatorship agreements. Call our local family law attorney at (972) 459-4400. We offer a free case evaluation regarding child custody modification or other family law concerns.

When Can I Seek a Divorce Modification?

Common reasons for seeking a divorce modification include:

  • You or your former spouse is moving out of state
  • The employment circumstances, such as getting an increase in income or loss of a job, for you or your former spouse recently changed
  • You or your former spouse is getting remarried
  • You, your former spouse or both of you would like to change the conditions of conservatorship, spousal support or child support

How Do I Modify Conservatorship Arrangements or Child Custody in Texas?

Raising a child is challenging in the best of circumstances. If the parent who has primary physical custody is unable to care for the child in a way that is in the child’s best interests, a Lewisville divorce attorney from our firm can help you change that.

Texas child custody laws are there to help children. Our divorce lawyers have experience helping families across DFW, including Irving, Argyle and McKinney families. We help you to modify conservatorship arrangements so that the agreements provide the most benefit to the child.

Trying to modify the conservatorship arrangements in your divorce decree can be an emotional process. However, an experienced family law attorney at our law firm will help you through this process. Our team of divorce lawyers knows you want what is best for you and your child. We are then able to use Texas child custody laws to help achieve this.

What is an Affidavit of Preference?

The Texas legal system always refers to responsibility for a child as “conservatorship” instead of “custody”. This shows that children are not the property of their parents. Instead, they have legal rights all their own. One of those rights is the right to choose which parent he/she would like to live with after he/she reaches 12 years of age. An affidavit of preference is a legal document that shows which parent the child would prefer to have conservatorship of him/her.

A Lewisville divorce attorney from our firm can help you file an affidavit of preference on behalf of your child. We will make sure that both of you understand the legal process involved.

Our Team of Divorce and Family Law Lawyers Can Help with Your Divorce Modification

Your circumstances may have changed since your original divorce decree. If so, then a Lewisville divorce attorney from our firm can help. Whether you wish to change your child support, spousal support or conservatorship arrangements, we will put our experience to work for you.

Call (972) 459-4400 to schedule a free consultation with the best divorce and family law lawyer at our firm to handle your situation.