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Divorcing parents are often concerned about child support payments and calculations. Be sure to consult with your divorce attorney before finalizing your decree to determine who pays whom and how much. If you’re living in Texas and interested in getting a rough estimate of your monthly child support payments, try the free Texas child support calculator. The child support lawyers at The Julian Firm want to support you during this stressful time, dealing with divorce, difficult emotions, and child custody hearings. Whether you have questions about child custody payments you will make or what you will receive after the divorce, we can help answer your questions and provide support. We have already helped hundreds of divorcing couples in Tarrant County and Denton County seek clarity and navigate the complexities of Texas child support law, seeking fair treatment and amicable divorce decrees. Try the free Texas child support calculator and schedule a consultation with our child support lawyers. Attorney Jared Julian is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

How is Child Support Calculated in the State of Texas?

In Texas, child support is calculated based largely on the income of the paying parent known as the “obligor,” who does not have primary child custody or conservatorship. Texas has a formula to determine how much is fair for an obligor to pay to the recipient, and this information is used in the free Texas child support calculator, such as:

  • Gross monthly income: money from all sources before tax deductions.
  • Number of children included in child support payments.
  • Total amount of health insurance payments for the children, which is usually part of the child support agreement paid for by the obligor also paying child support.
  • The total number of children of the obligor, which may include children from prior divorces.
  • Total monthly child support payments for other children, which may impact what is owed for the children in question due to limitations in resources.

Normally, you might pay approximately 20% of your total income to support one child plus an additional 5% for each additional child, but you should never pay more than 40% of your total income for child support payments to allow you to support yourself.

This is just a simple rule of thumb, but your court will look at many other factors before making the final determination. Consult with a child support attorney, such as Attorney Jared Julian, to get a more accurate assessment of your estimated divorce obligations.

How Does Texas Calculate Child Support?

There are many factors that contribute to determining your child support payments in Texas based on the needs of the child and the situation of both divorcing parties. The Texas child support calculator is a great place to begin, but it may not be accurate.

Special needs children often get child support indefinitely rather than up until the age of 18 or high school graduation. Also, the amount of time spent in physical custody of each adult may play a role in determining the exact calculation of the payment. So, it’s best to consult with a child support custody or divorce attorney as well as trying the calculator.

In a child support case, nearly any factor impacting your financial wellbeing and standard of living can impact your payments or owed funding.

Also, these following factors are not usually allowed to impact your child custody payments:

  • Your former spouse’s income should not impact your child custody payments unless you both share joint custody of the child.
  • Your new spouse’s income, should you remarry, would not be used in consideration of determining your child support payment calculations.

If you seek the most accurate calculation of your child support payments in the state of Texas, try the Texas child support calculator and consult with our trusted attorneys at The Julian Firm. We will work to make your child support payments as fair as possible.

How Can I Change My Child Support?

Yes, you can change your child support payments in Texas, if your situation changes dramatically, such as losing your job, experiencing a life-altering accident, or having a substantial loss of income. If you thing you qualify for a child support modification, then consult your Texas child support lawyers and have them submit a modification request to the Texas family court. If you need a lawyer, contact The Julian Firm today.

How Often Can I Change My Child Support?

You can have a judge review and consider altering your child support arrangements every three years, whether or not your situation has changed dramatically during this time. Your judge will take into account anything that has happened since the original agreement was put into place and, based upon these considerations, may decide to grant your request for modification of your child support terms. If you are interested in looking into this option, our child support custody attorneys are standing by to assist.

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Ready to learn more? Try the free Texas child support calculator and consult with a child support lawyer in Denton County, TX. Whether you’re on the paying or receiving end of child support in Texas, we will support you in getting the fairest arrangement possible. If you are the paying parent, we will help to ensure you are not held accountable for a higher payment than necessary by Texas state law. If you are the receiving parent, we will work to ensure you receive the highest payment entitled to you and your child based on Texas state law.

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