Child Support

Paying or Need Spousal or Child Support?

Texas Child Support Attorneys in Lewisville Explain What to Know

Divorce in Texas has some important financial consequences for both divorcing partners. Making the transition from one household to two separate households means that responsibilities you shared before may now be all your responsibility. How can you make sure that the child support or spousal support set forth in the divorce agreement is in your family’s best interests?

Our Texas child support lawyers support people going through divorce. Our family law experience allowed us to successfully represent hundreds of families throughout the north Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. Call experienced Lewisville family lawyer Jared Julian, who is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, at (972) 459-4400 for a free case evaluation. We offer free, honest advice regarding your spousal or child support questions.

How Much Texas Child Support Will I Owe?

Our law firm will become well acquainted with your financial situation as well as with the overall needs of your family. Texas child support is calculated using child support laws that take into account income as well as many other factors. Our Lewisville family lawyer can assess your situation and then approximate how much you may be paying or how much you may expect to receive.

Texas child support concerns from our past clients have included:

  • What if I cannot afford child support?
  • What if the child support payment is not enough to live on?
  • How do I return to work after a divorce?

Our Texas child support attorneys are available to answer all of your questions. If you need representation concerning your child support in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, then contact a Lewisville family law attorney today.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Alimony? Lewisville Family Lawyer for Spousal Support

Individuals in Texas who are considering divorce may seek spousal support. This is also called “maintenance” or “alimony.” To be eligible to receive spousal support, the spouse seeking the support must lack sufficient property at the time of divorce to provide for basic needs. One or more of the following circumstances must also be applicable:

  • One spouse has committed family violence.
  • Due to a physical or mental disability, the spouse filing for alimony is unable to earn sufficient income.
  • The marriage lasted ten years or longer and the spouse seeking maintenance is unable to make a sufficient amount of income to support him or herself.
  • The child from the marriage has a mental or physical disability that prevents the spouse filing for alimony from earning the income required to meet their basic needs.

If any of these circumstances are applicable while considering divorce, then call our Lewisville family lawyer today for a free case evaluation.

Small Family Law Firm Focused on Your Alimony and Child Support Needs

We are a small firm. This then allows us to provide an extraordinary level of attention and care to each one of our clients. You need a Lewisville attorney who understands the difficult issues involved in family law and child support matters.

Please contact a Lewisville family law attorney at (972) 459-4400. We serve the DFW, Denton County and McKinney areas. We offer a free initial face-to-face case evaluation because your case matters.