Teleconference Family Law Mediation Services Available

Teleconference Family Law Mediation Services Available

These are trying times…or maybe not.  All major courts in North Texas have or likely will cancel all “non-essential” court dates. Denton’s County and District Courts have issued statements that provide insight into the temporary guidelines – this includes rescheduling the non-essential hearings until April 1, 2020. Given the climate of the COVID-19 situation is could extend even past that date.

As a result, it is very likely family law litigation cases will, inevitably, take even longer than they traditionally do. 

Mediation can be a great alternative since temporary orders hearings are unavailable as they are considered “non-essential” hearings.

In order to assist Attorneys and Parties the opportunity to bypass the coming bottleneck, The Julian Firm is opening all of its Attorneys to providing mediation services. This will provide maximum services and immediate availability. Our rates depend on our experience and, during this difficult time, if the mediation fails – the mediation is free. In addition, we are offering web-based teleconference based mediations to effectuate the social distancing our federal and local governments are promoting.  The purpose and primary objective of the Julian Firm, P.C. is the betterment of our client. With that in mind, as always, we hope we can continue to help people move along with their lives despite the difficulties the times present.

If you would like to learn more about our mediation practice you can visit our website here.

Please contact us with any questions regarding family law or if you would like to schedule your mediation.

What is mediation? Mediation is an alternative way to handle parenting arrangements for children during divorce, child support, other finances as well as additional family law matters.

The parties work independently from one another with their lawyers while the mediator goes back and forth between parties. The mediator works with each Party and their Attorney until an agreement is reached (or the mediator declares a stalemate). Once an agreement is reached it is written as a mediated settlement agreement, MSA. An order is then written using the agreement and signed by the Parties, Lawyers and Judge. This action allows for an order to be in place and the case to be complete.

For more information about mediation options you can contact us below or call (972) 459-4400.