Why is January Such a Popular Month for Divorce?

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Last year, the New York Post had an interesting story indicating that January is the most popular month during the year for divorce.

The news source reported that January is known as the ‘divorce month’ by many people including attorneys, mediators and courthouse employees. The month usually brings a one-third rise in the number of legal filings over the month of December, according to experts.

During this time, it has also been noted that there is an increase in the number of online searches for terms like “divorce” and related sayings like “family law” and “child custody”. In most cases, experts say that individuals seeking a divorce have thought about it for a while, but decide to contact family lawyers after the new year to avoid conflicts during the holiday season.

For some divorce seekers, the end of the calendar year means that a filing will not interfere with tax obligations from the previous year, which can be complicated if a couple files taxes jointly.

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Divorce is something that should be taken very seriously, so it does not surprise our Lewisville family lawyers that someone may wait until after the holidays to make an informed decision. Leaving a marriage can be tremendously stressful, as you have to weigh complex issues like child custody or the division of marital assets.

There are few family matters more emotionally complicated than divorce; however, in many cases, our clients are able to move on successfully, finding the process beneficial in the long-term, as they are able to escape a toxic marriage.