What Can I Do If My Ex Takes My Child Without Permission?

How to respond if your ex-spouse illegally leaves with your child.

Sharing custody of a child can be difficult. Good parents always want to be there for their child, even when they can’t always be with them. Sometimes, one parent may not understand or accept this, and may try to take your child while you have custody or parenting time.

What If My Ex Takes My Child Without Permission?

First things first: If you are an unmarried parent, make sure you go to family law court as soon as possible to establish child custody and parenting time. This will give both the parents and the child security and an understanding of who has the child and when. If you are married with a child and are filing divorce, you will need a temporary order of custody at the earliest time possible to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Without an order of court, it may be difficult to get the police involved if the other parent takes the child away. Definitely call the police; however, they will likely tell you to contact an attorney and go to family court. A family attorney can help a parent who does not have a legal custody order go to court to establish custody and have the child returned home.

If you do have an order of court regarding child custody and the other parent takes the child or does not return him or her at the set time, call the police and your family law attorney. In this situation, violating the child custody order could be considered parental kidnapping and/or custodial interference. If the child is being taken across state lines or internationally, federal authorities may even be involved.

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