What are the Requirements for Being a Foster Parent in Texas?

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Children who have suffered abuse or neglect deserve loving parents. These children often end up as dependents of the state, and not all of them are adopted. Thankfully, many of those who aren’t adopted are placed into foster homes. To ensure that the parents in these homes provide care for their foster children, not everyone can become a foster parent. Here are the conditions the state looks at in determining if someone is the right choice to be a foster parent in Texas.

Requirements for Being a Foster Parent in Texas

  • Basic individual requirements – All foster parents must be over 21 years old, be financially stable, and have a criminal record clean of any sexual or child abuse convictions. Lastly, they must also share information about their lifestyles and background and attend a free training session.
  • Household requirements – Each household must submit to an assessment of all members living within it. The house itself must have adequate sleeping space for each foster child. In addition, there may be no more than six children in the household, including non-foster children.
  • Parental responsibilities – Foster parents must carry out all the vital responsibilities a child’s own loving parents would. This includes advocating for the child in school, acting as a positive role model, and teaching the child valuable life skills. They should also inform the child’s caseworkers about any problems that may arise when caring for him or her.

Not every person who is willing to become a foster parent is right for the job. One should take becoming a foster parent as seriously as becoming a parent to one’s own child. It involves a massive amount of responsibly, and the state of Texas takes care in ensuring only those who are qualified can become foster care parents. Those considering becoming one should seek the advice of a family law attorney along the way.

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