What are Signs I May Need a Lawyer to Move Through Divorce?

We can discuss the specifics of your divorce case.

You don’t necessarily need a lawyer to move though divorce. After all, divorces handled without hiring a lawyer are less costly. The dollars saved, however, are unlikely to add up to the amount you lose in terms of increased stress, time lost, and idle knowledge. A divorce attorney’s knowledge of the law and its nuances will produce more favorable results for you in court.

Signs You Need a Lawyer to Move Through Divorce

  • Problems with abuse. One sure sign you should hire a divorce lawyer is if your relationship involves abuse of any kind. Abuse can make it impossible for the abused to effectively negotiate without a lawyer.
  • Spouse has an attorney. If your spouse has hired an attorney, then it’s in your best interest to hire one too. First, the fact that he or she hired a lawyer is a sign that your spouse is unlikely to reach an amicable agreement. Second, it will be extremely stressful to go against a trained attorney on your own. Plus, you are unlikely to attain the results you wish.
  • It came as a shock. Being surprised by divorce papers means that you are already behind in the divorce process. You will benefit from legal advice on how to proceed, especially considering your emotions may be heavily influencing your decision-making abilities.
  • There may be a custody dispute. Fighting for custody over their child or children is not something most parents have the free-time or know-how to handle on their own. Obtaining the best possible custody and visitation terms are crucial to you and your families future happiness. Getting a lawyer greatly increases your chances of this.

Some relationships can come to a peaceful ending without the need for a lawyer. For most relationships, however, consulting an experienced divorce lawyer can greatly increase the odds of reaching an amiable divorce agreement.

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