Trouble Looms for Texas Child Support Data System

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According to the Dallas Morning News, the federal government froze payments to the Texas child support structure for upgrades to its data systems and has demanded a corrective action plan for project delays.

The newspaper reports that the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement halted payments to companies like Accenture, which have been experiencing issues with technology while trying to upgrade the state’s data systems through a project that has been dubbed “T2”.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has confirmed the freeze. To this point, the project’s costs have soared to $310 million and the state has gotten very little in return, as the division still uses old computers and technology to distribute payments. The federal government was going to help pay for two-thirds of the costs to upgrade the system, which is supposed to help streamline child support payments and investigations.

Texas officials said that they would hand over information to federal authorities to show that a repair plan is in place, indicating what has caused delays. In October, researchers with the University of Texas at Austin questioned whether the project can be finished at all, according to the Morning News.

Accenture, which expects to be paid $79 million for its services, said it has improved its communication with Paxton’s office and that it has improved its team “in terms of quality and expertise.”

Are You Experiencing Issues with Child Support?

As this story shows, the Texas child support system has been criticized for issues with customer service. The system is massive and people often experience complications regardless of whether they are a payee or someone receiving payments. Some of this is due to old technology that is being used to review cases.

If you are experiencing issues with child support that include nonpayment or overpayment, in addition to speaking with someone from the Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG), it may be in your best interest to talk to a family lawyer, who might be able to help you seek a modification or see if a parent is performing his or her duties to make payments.