Tips to Sell Your House During a Divorce

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The division of marital assets during a divorce can be an incredibly complicated process, especially when housing is involved.

Texas is a community property state, meaning assets purchased during your marriage become part of the marital estate. Interestingly, many people assume this means that a court will divide assets fairly, as the judges and parties involved in a divorce are supposed to draw up plans for a “just and right” division of items. However, sometimes, what one party thinks is fair is not what another party involved a divorce thinks. This can lead to heated contention.

How Does a Divorce Court Divide Assets?

A court can take into account many factors when deciding how to divide assets. In some situations, a judge may order a 55-45 or 60-40 division of the marital property, or estate sales may become an option. In some cases, it is in the best interest of all parties involved to start fresh following a divorce and seek equity by selling a home.

With this in mind, Fox Business had an interesting column about the best ways to sell a home during a divorce. According to the news outlet, the biggest step when selling a home during this period is finding a neutral realtor, who has no ties to the case. Additionally, the news outlet suggests that sellers:

  • Attempt to place a home on the market during the spring and summer months
  • Host independent parties and open houses in the property
  • Agree to split the remaining balance of the mortgage and/or the money obtained through a sale fairly, before the sales process takes place
  • Make sure both parties are equally involved in the sale

Interestingly, one real estate agent the news outlet talk to suggested that 25-35 percent of her sales comes from divorced couples looking to divide housing.

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