Pros of Divorce Mediation

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Divorce mediation is often used when discussing divorce settlements. This is where you and your spouse meet with a neutral party to discuss the divorce. This third party does not make any decisions. The mediator just helps prevent a power imbalance. This method may not work for every couple but it is definitely worth trying.

Why Should I Try Mediation?

The following are pros to divorce mediation.

  • Faster divorce. Most of the time mediation is much quicker than litigation. Hiring a lawyer to assist with your mediation process can help it go even faster. It speeds up the gathering of information and decision making.
  • Even playing field. In mediation one side will not hold more power than the other. A good mediator will be make sure of this. Another advantage is that either side is free to stop mediation and/or not sign anything they feel is unfair.
  • There is no public record of mediation sessions.
  • More control. You and your spouse arrive at a conclusion based on your views and beliefs of what is best for your situation. The court is not forcing a decision on you that may have been influenced by strict legal principles.
  • Improved communication. Couples who go through mediation may learn to communicate with each other in a congruent and healthy way going forward. This can be beneficial when children are involved.

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