Not Receiving Child Support Payments? State Law Protects You

Understanding divorce and your finances.

Texas family law now allows the state to block registration and renewal of driver’s licenses, professional and recreational permits, and vehicle registrations for people who are behind on child support payments. This law applies to parents who are at least six months behind on their payments. With these new laws, receiving your payments should be easier, and having a child support attorney could be beneficial. If you are not receiving the payments you deserve from an ex-partner, keep reading below to see what options you have, to gain those funds.

What To Do if You’re Not Receiving Child Support Payments

  • Should I get a lawyer? Having a child support attorney that has experience with family law cases will make it much easier to win the funds you need through the court. A lawyer will be able to advise you on many aspects of the child support process.
  • Call the attorney general’s office: The attorney general’s office is there to help you get payment, but the quality of assistance is up in the air. You will avoid paying advance attorney’s fees that you would pay with a private attorney, but will wait longer for help and not have the same level of commitment and attention of a private attorney.
  • Circumstances Change: Every three years, you can have the court review your child support arrangements. Events like job changes, the loss of a job, or a life-changing injury can affect your payment agreement. Getting the court to review your situation could be best for you and your ex- partner.

In the State of Texas, not paying child support is clearly not tolerated. Do not wait until your obligated partner gets their driver’s license revoked, you can act today to win those payments.

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