Is Nesting the Best Custody Arrangement for Children?

Thinking about filing for divorce?

Divorce is always extremely disruptive for children. They may struggle to make friends in a new neighborhood or at school. These feelings may put your child at risk of developing a psychological disorder, such as a major depression. However, there are ways to ease these disruptive thoughts and circumstances. Nesting is a unique custody arrangement that could limit the disruption your child experiences during a divorce. This is where parents “take turns” living in the family home with their children.

During certain parts of the week, one parent will reside in the house while the other goes elsewhere. For example, you could stay in the family home on Monday through Thursday while your spouse gets the weekends. To make this process work smoothly, it helps to have a second residence, even if it is only temporary.

By using nesting, your child could continue going to the same school and may keep the same neighborhood friends. Your children could also get to continue seeing both parents in the family home. In other words, nesting could make the process of a divorce much less disruptive for your children.

The downside of nesting is that it could be disruptive for several aspects of your life. Commuting to work may become more difficult. It may also be financially costly to rent out a second residence or hotel room. These are factors to weigh with your attorney before deciding on a custody arrangement.

Can a Mediator Reduce the Psychological Effects of Divorce on Children?

Mediation is another way to protect your children from the psychological effects of divorce. This option allows you, your spouse and a non-interested third party (the mediator) to amicably agree the terms of separation. For example, child custody rights and the distribution of property are topics that could be worked out during mediation. Mediation may also keep children from being exposed to bickering between attorneys and custody hearings.

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