How Does Divorce Impact Millennials?

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Recently, a column on the website had an interesting take on what it is like to be a millennial who has gone through divorce.

The piece was written by Aron Macarow, who said that he was separated from his ex-wife at 26 and officially divorced by 27.

Macarow claims that by getting married at the age of 23, it put him in a cohort with less than 10 percent of his peers—a number that would have been much higher during the 1960s, when almost half the people his age were married. Statistics indicate that only 26 percent of millennial (ages 18-32) were married in 2014.

The author claims that a study of his peers indicates that almost half believe that marriages should come with a beta test, or a period after the marriage in which it can be dissolved without having to go through a typical divorce. “I can partially support this, given that I still haven’t finalized changes to my car ownership papers, even though the divorce happened five years ago; the paperwork for it all was just too burdensome,” Macarow wrote.

Additionally, Macarow wrote about how his divorce played out on social media. “[W]hen my ex-wife without warning removed the marriage from her profile during our separation, it was the first notice that hundreds of our mutual friends had that we were approaching divorce,” Macarow wrote.

With the news of the divorce making its rounds through social media, Macarow claims that he received sympathy from his friends, although there was little empathy or advice, because so few had gone through a divorce. He said most of his confidants became “adult outliers” or parents, former professors and older friends.

Seek Help If You Are Struggling With a Divorce

As this story indicates, divorce can be incredibly hard on millennials, who may have smaller support systems in place among young friends because marriage rates are lower. Additionally, it displays how hard a separation can be when social media makes personal news available to the public.

Regardless of a person’s age, divorce can be difficult. Our Lewisville family lawyers suggest that clients who are struggling during the divorce process seek help with therapy. In addition to clinical help, activities like travel, exercise and finding new hobbies can help people deal with the pain of a divorce.

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