How Does Adultery Affect Alimony in Texas Divorce?

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Marriages in which one or more partners has committed adultery very commonly end in divorce, making adultery one of the most common causes for divorce in Texas. If you are going through a divorce involving adultery, you will likely be looking for answers regarding your rights.

How Does Adultery Affect Alimony in Texas Divorce?

Adultery can have a monumental impact on divorce proceedings, and may very well affect the court’s decision regarding alimony in a big way.

In most cases, alimony is determined solely based on the need of one spouse. For example, alimony is typically only awarded to a spouse that cannot earn sufficient income to pay for basic needs. However, Texas divorce courts will take adultery into account.

A spouse who is requesting alimony may be denied if they committed adultery and their spouse can prove it. Alternatively, the court will usually look kindly towards a spouse requesting alimony from a partner who has been cheating.

How Else Does Adultery Affect Texas Divorce?

Adultery can have an impact on many aspects of a Texas divorce. The court will keep a spouse’s infidelity in mind when making decisions about the division of property. A cheating spouse may receive a smaller portion of the dividable assets and funds.

Typically, child custody is not affected by one parent’s adultery. Courts will usually make custodial decisions based solely on parenting ability. However, if a parent abandons his or her child while having an affair, then that could certainly have an impact on custody decisions.

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