How Can You Protect Your Child From an Abusive Partner?

Thinking about filing for divorce?

Many victims of domestic abuse feel like they have nowhere to turn when trying to protect their children from their partner. Resisting could mean another attack on them, and maybe even an attack on the children. A Child Protective services intervention may be necessary to keep your children safe, but steps should be taken before CPS is called. In certain situations, CPS can remove the child from the family altogether if they deem the situation for the child as too unsafe. They can also eliminate parental rights from parents see as unfit. You may not get the result you want if a government agency like CPS intervenes. These are serious, life-altering consequences and there are questions to ask about the situation before calling CPS.

Assess the Situation: Do You Need to Call CPS?

  1. Is the child in danger? If you have reasonable suspicion that your child is being physically, verbally, or sexually abused, calling CPS may be necessary. A history of violent crimes from either partner will be taken into consideration when figuring out if either parent is a safe option.
  2. What are the living conditions like? Is your child being exposed to drug-use or being neglected? In both of these situations a child may be removed by CPS.

Is Mediation Possible Without CPS?

Many times disagreements about child custody get heated. Situations that start out small can blow way out of proportion. If your child’s safety is not in danger, and living conditions for the child are favorable enough for them to not be neglected, then coming to an agreement with your partner about the issue without calling CPS is an option. There are other ways for solving disputes including mediation. This is where legal professionals meet with the family and hear both sides of the story separately to find a conclusion. has helped many families resolve serious issues.

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