How Can I Manage Holiday Stress After a Divorce?

It's hard to handle stress after a divorce.

For some people, the hardest period following a divorce occurs during holidays, as it can be hard to talk to family members about a split or decide how to divvy up child visitation.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years coming up, recently the Huffington Post had a column detailing how divorcees may be able to avoid stressful situations during the holidays. Some of the tips listed in the article, along with words from our Lewisville divorce attorneys, include:

  • Trim your gift lists. Cut the amount of money you normally spend on gifts, especially if you are still paying for costs associated with your divorce. You can use this to pay for items like therapy and travel.
  • Choose who you want to spend time with. Go to parties and events that you really want to go to and do not try to please everyone at your expense.
  • Take breaks. If you are stressing about holiday plans, try to spend some time doing activities you find interesting in order to refresh yourself.
  • Get real. If your friends or family members ask you about your split and you are prepared to talk about it, be honest with them to avoid potential conflicts in the future.
  • Be fair to your children. Even if there is animosity with your ex, it is important that you avoid making your children suffer because of it. Make sure they are able to spend time with family members who will be important throughout their lives.

Make Sure You Take Time Out to Care For Yourself a Divorce

Divorce can be incredibly difficult for all parties involved. If you need help dealing with stress in the form of therapy or travel, do not be ashamed to care for yourself during the holiday period.

By taking care of yourself following a separation, you can positively influence your future when it comes to connecting with your children and your loved ones. While it can be a stressful time, remember that your loved ones care tremendously about you and want you to be happy.

Keep following our blog for more divorce tips. Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!