Domestic Violence and COVID- 3 Actions You Can Take

(If someone you know is experiencing domestic violence believe them, don’t judge them and connect them with Denton County Friends of the Family for resources)

As we all safely shelter at home there are many families that are in the midst of their own crisis.  

1 in 4 women experience domestic violence. This impact is on the rise in our communities as we shelter-in-place. The number of domestic violence calls has increased since the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At The Julian Firm we represent victims of domestic violence everyday – helping them find relief through protective orders and other legal means. If you are a victim of domestic violence we want you to know you have resources and don’t deserve to suffer through it. You can get help even in the midst of COVID. The police, Denton County Friends of the Family and our firm are here to support you in order to access safety and resources.

1—Contact The Police 

We recognize that this is not always a simple action to take and there are many variables in play when making the decision to contact the police. We understand that this is not easy and there are safety concerns even with this call. Filing a report allows you to document the abuse and begin steps within the legal system. 

2—Access Your Local Domestic Violence Agency 

Denton County Friends of the Family (DCFOF) is the local domestic violence agency for Denton County. Their team of advocates can help guide victims through the court system and navigate access to needed resources. Aid for domestic violence victims is still available during the coronavirus pandemic. You can contact DCFOF directly here: 

24 Hour Crisis Line | 940-382-7273 or 800-572-4031
Text Crisis Line | (940) 382-7273
Outreach Office | 940-387-5131

In a recent post by DCFOF their Executive Director Toni Johnson-Simpson said “We are doing intakes and counseling and advocacy, as well as legal consults. We’re doing all those by phone now or by video conferencing.” Help is still available! 

To learn more about resources outside of Denton County contact the The National Domestic Violence hotline here

3—Contact The Julian Firm

We are passionate about making a difference for victims of domestic violence. One of the most impactful, long-term ways to make a difference for those experiencing domestic violence is through the Court System. The Courts are still open, and we are still available to help you access protective orders, restraining orders and create a game plan to get you the best outcome possible. 

At the end of the day, taking steps in all 3 of these areas can help victims get access to the resources they need and deserve. Please know that you do not have to wait until this pandemic is over to access safety. 

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