Does Travel Help Cure the Divorce Blues?

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Are you recently divorced or have you gone through a separation? Has the stress become something that you need a break from?

If you have, our Lewisville family lawyers recommend that you take care of yourself. You can do this through counseling or therapy, and by working out and staying active. Additionally, we recommend traveling, if you have the financial means to do so. Seeing your friends and family members who live elsewhere and/or traveling to a new destination can have a therapeutic affect on your stress level.

Recently, we read a column at the Huffington Post that discussed how travel is the ultimate cure for the divorce blues. The piece, written by a divorce recovery coach named Julie Morey, explains how she went on a trip to Malaysia after her divorce, which was her first trip alone.

“It was a scary experience, but it was soon overshadowed by scuba diving trips surrounded by giant turtles and barracuda, fresh crab dinners with new friends from my hostel, and getting up close and personal with baby orangutans at a wildlife sanctuary,” Morey said.

She noted how the trip helped make her stronger and how it led to her taking a five-year travel odyssey to places like Taiwan, India and Brazil. She mentioned how she went on hitchhiking trips and beach tours. Morey explained that travel helped her live and learn. “I didn’t know what to do to heal, but I wanted to – desperately. Travel taught me how. It challenged me and stretched me. Made me use skills I didn’t know I had.”

Our Lewisville Family Lawyers Can Help You Through the Divorce Process

Divorce can be an extremely stressful process. If you need help dealing with stress in the form of therapy and/or travel, do not be ashamed to take care of yourself. Often, years after a divorce takes place, the parties involved reflect on how it was beneficial for them, even though the immediate aftermath can be tough.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, make sure you work with our Lewisville family attorneys. You will need assistance working out potential issues like child and spousal support, custody and the division of assets.