Does Having Kids Before Marriage Increase Divorce Odds?

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USA Today had an interesting story recently about how people having babies before marriage are now staying together at the same rate as those who were married before having children.

New data dispels the idea that having a baby before marriage increases a person’s chances for divorcing later in life. According to the news outlet, information released by the non-profit group Council on Contemporary Families discovered the trend.

According to USA Today, researchers analyzed data from women who had their first child born between 1985 and 1995, comparing it to women who had their first child between 1997 and 2010. It was discovered that couples who had their baby first and married later, who were part of the 1997 to 2010 group, did not have an increased risk for divorce.

Experts say that this may be because the perception of having a child before marriage has changed over the last 25 years. Couples are no longer rushing to get married, even if they have a child, some experts say. “If people move in and have a kid without marriage it is not a promise to never get married,” a sociologist told USA Today. “It may be that waiting to marry later is a better idea in terms of the pressures in their lives.”

Researchers also found that childbearing before marriage nearly doubled from the early period to the later, from 17 percent having a child before marriage, to 35 percent.

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It is interesting that more people are having children prior to marriage and that of those who do decide to get married later, it is having little effect on their marriages. Keep in mind, if you do decide to get a divorce, or you have a child out of wedlock, you need to have legal help when it comes to issues like child support, child custody and visitation rights.

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