Does Cheating Matter in a Texas Divorce Case?

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Our Lewisville divorce attorneys often hear from clients who have had affairs or whose partners have committed acts of infidelity. When this occurs, we offer tremendous support, as we understand how difficult this situation can be.

We can point clients to local resources that can help them recover from this situation in a therapeutic way, while providing them with legal advice. Unfortunately, adultery damages countless marriages in Texas each year, and it can have an impact on any divorce case.

In Texas, you are allowed to seek a “no-fault” divorce, or you can file a petition with a court based on adultery, which is defined by the state as the “voluntary sexual intercourse with a person besides your husband or wife.” If you are thinking about filing for divorce in this fashion, you may want to provide your attorney with evidence documenting an affair including bank statements, emails, text messages and videos.

Unlike many states, Texas courts can take adultery into mind when deciding alimony or spousal support requests. If you have met the state’s criteria for spousal support consideration, a judge may be able to take into account any misconduct that occurred during the marriage. In an instance when someone has cheated, a court may deny spousal support to the person who has committed the act. Alternatively, a court may decide to award alimony to a person if his or her financial situation was affected by an affair.

In addition to spousal support, Texas courts can take into account adultery when dividing assets, especially if it is determined that money was spent on gifts related to an affair including funds spent on vacations, dinners or items including jewelry.

As this shows, people who are thinking about having an affair or who have been cheated on should speak to our family lawyers, if they are considering divorce. If your marriage is on the rocks and you are thinking about leaving your spouse, you will need to work out these legal issues.

Marital Affair Site Hacked, User Data Leaked

We bring up the subject of adultery because recently the marital-affair site Ashley Madison was hacked, which caught national attention. The website promotes itself as a service allowing married people to have discreet rendezvous with other people.

The hackers claim that they have gained access to Ashley Madison’s database and that they will release information to the public about its users unless the site closed. As of last week, representatives with the site said that they were working with experts and security professionals to address the issue.

If Your Loved One Has an Affair and You Want a Divorce, Speak to Our Family Attorneys

Again, if you are having an affair or have been cheated on and you are considering divorce, speak to our Lewisville family attorneys. You should talk to professionals about your issues. We handle divorce cases with great consideration. We understand that the collapse of a marriage can lead to tremendous stress for all parties involved and we do our best to help our clients.

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