Do Certain Life Events Contribute to Divorce?

Can life events lead to a divorce?

Are there certain life events that lead to divorce? Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that many marriages fail. Our attorneys have represented clients in divorce cases that have occurred for a number of reasons.

With this in mind, had an excellent story recently exploring why a couple may get divorced. The beginning of the story focused on a couple who were married after they were injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. When the couple announced that it was divorcing, many people were shocked, as the media portrayed them as lovers who bonded after tragedy.

However, the wife said in a statement following the divorce announcement that it was the same tragedy that escalated their marriage, making them come together quicker than they may have otherwise. It was a fascinating story—the two victims of a terrorism event who may have come together too quickly. talked to a psychologist, who said that it is not uncommon for people who experience trauma to come together quickly and divorce shortly thereafter.

Other life events the psychologist said could contribute to divorce included:

  • Illness: a study found that divorce rates were 6 percent higher in relationships in which the wives had poor health and/or disease.
  • Job changes: a study found that “men who are unemployed are more likely to leave their wives, and are also more likely to be left by their wives.”
  • Childbirth: One study found that 67 percent of couples experienced a drop in marital satisfaction within the first three years of a baby’s birth.
  • Living apart: A study of military families discovered that the “risk of divorce among enlisted service members was directly related to the length of time they spent deployed.”
  • Infidelity

Talking to an Attorney About Divorce

All of these issues are hurdles that some couples do not overcome. Keep in mind, you have no obligation to stay with your spouse if your marriage is toxic or you are unhappy. Many people are amicably able to dissolve their marriages. However, some divorces can be stressful, but worth it in the end, as you are able to leave behind the obstacles that contributed to your dissatisfaction.

If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, it may be wise to speak to an attorney. The end of a marriage can be a critical time in a person’s life—we handle divorce cases with compassion and care. We can help you with issues like child support and the division of assets.