Four Reasons Why January Is Considered Divorce Month

January divorce photo

December is widely regarded as a month of celebration. Various holidays and the approach of the new year warrant festivities in many households across the country. However, many are unaware of the association between January and divorce rates.

While the finalization of most divorces occurs later in the year, January sees the most divorce filings. With all the celebration surrounding the end of the year, it is natural to wonder why January is such a prominent divorce month.

Holding on to Hope for the Marriage

One reason that many couples wait to file for divorce until January is because they are still working on the marriage. Being surrounded by holiday cheer and loved ones provides couples with a buffer for marital issues.

Unfortunately, this buffer often acts as a mystifying, yet fragile, force. Some couples end up seeing their marriages through rose-tinted glasses during the holidays, but this hopeful outlook suddenly dissipates come January. Without holiday excitement to distract them, couples often realize in the following month that it is time to file for divorce.

Getting Through the Holidays

Other couples have already come to this conclusion, perhaps well before the holidays. However, no one wants to put a damper on otherwise cheerful festivities. Waiting to file for divorce until January helps couples avoid awkward or unpleasant gatherings with friends and family.

Couples with young children especially find waiting to be the best option. No one wants to upset or confuse their children when they’re so excited for the holiday season.

Added Stress from the Holiday Season

For some, the holiday season exacerbates rather than alleviates marital struggles. Extra expenses during the holidays add stress to a marriage already dealing with financial strains. Trying to keep a cheerful attitude when you actually feel miserable can be emotionally draining. Thus, financial strain and interpersonal conflict can make the holiday season a challenge to get through. In this case, the rose-tinted glasses are nowhere to be found.

Stressed-out couples who make it through the holiday season may be more than ready to file by January. This is another reason why January is unofficially dubbed the divorce month.

Beginning a New Year with New Prospects

Everyone knows that January is the month of new beginnings. Many people spend December brainstorming about what New Year’s resolution they want to adopt in January. We often feel that the right resolution will get us on track to the kind of life we dream of.

Given the emphasis on new beginnings, January often sees a spike in divorce filings. Couples who have long struggled in their marriages decide to wipe the slate clean at the beginning of the year.

Wondering Whether to File for Divorce? Speak with Our Lewisville Divorce Attorneys for More Information

Many struggling couples grapple with the idea of filing for divorce year-round. However, end of the year festivities often place an extra strain on an already difficult situation. The holidays may exacerbate underlying issues or serve as a wake-up call when they eventually end. Waiting until January to file for divorce is common and often the best option for many couples.

If you have questions about the divorce process, contact our Lewisville divorce attorneys today. We can help you determine whether divorce is right for your situation.