Divorce In The Midst of COVID- 5 Steps To Prepare

As Texas and our local Denton County community begin to open up life continues to look a little different. We know that many families are experiencing financial pressures, job loss and struggling to find a new balance when it comes to co-parenting through COVID

We have previously talked about some of the critical problems that you can address with your spouse in hopes of avoiding divorce. However, it is also important to acknowledge that divorce may be the path many couples we’re exploring prior to COVID. In the midst of the additional pressures that come from living in a pandemic it may ultimately be the next step. If you’re thinking about divorce here are some steps you can take in preparation. 

1—Consider Discernment Counseling 

The purpose of discernment counseling is to help a couple determine where they are in their relationship. It is designed to be a short-term counseling program to ultimately decide if divorce is the next step or if the couple wants to pursue reconciliation. If there is uncertainty as to whether or not divorce is the right fit for the couple discernment counseling is a means to help figure out actionable next steps. If you are considering this option a quick search online is a means to research counselors who specialize in discernment counseling. You can access reviews from past clients and learn more about their practice by visiting their websites. 

2—Acknowledge Your Concerns

As family law attorneys we have helped hundreds of clients, across Lewisville, Flower Mound, Denton and throughout Denton County, with their divorce. We understand the end of a marriage can feel overwhelming and the many variables that are a concern including how this will impact your children or your financial stability. Thinking about your primary concerns will allow you to have more insight into what your priorities may be as you begin the divorce process. 

3—What Do You Want Divorce to Look Like

As you begin to navigate what the divorce process looks like for your family you have an opportunity to ultimately decide what you want the divorce to look like. We recognize that you don’t have control over the other party, in this case your spouse, however you do have the ability to try and focus on setting up a divorce based upon your unique needs and goals. Is your goal to be amicable and to find an outcome that is fair to both you and your spouse? Do you want to focus on the needs of your children and how best to ensure the least amount of change and impact on their day-to-day? If you feel like your divorce may be more adversarial, having more challenges and opposition, keeping in mind what you want your divorce to look like can help ensure you can gain the best possible outcome, even in the midst of conflict. 

4—Review Your Assets 

Our team of experienced divorce attorneys know that this is a difficult time for both you and your children. We are here to help guide you through the entire divorce process ensuring that legal action is taken with your best interest in mind. Although you don’t need to take this step prior to consulting with our team the more prepared you can be on the front end the more efficient we can be as we begin to talk about your overall objectives. Gathering a list of your assets is a good first step. The division of marital property is obviously a major component as we are helping you navigate the divorce process. Begin to think about your assets including real property, financial assets, business assets and even those items that are personal. 

5—Find The Right Attorney  

Finding an attorney that is the right fit for your unique situation is key to your success. Divorce can be one of the most difficult decisions and experiences of your life. Choosing the right attorney can make the difference between an outcome that protects you and one that causes you unnecessary difficulty and heartache. 

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