5 Myths About Divorce You Have to Stop Believing

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No matter what your reason, if you are thinking about getting a divorce, you’re not the only one. Sometimes the love in a relationship simply ends; sometimes two people that love each other just aren’t made for marriage; sometimes there are less amicable reasons. Whatever it is, you’re not the only one.

When you start thinking about getting a divorce, it’s important to disregard most, if not all, of what you believe about divorce. Our friends, family, and society as a whole have largely warped the idea of divorce into something it’s not. Here are some common myths about divorce that we hope you will stop believing.

5 Myths About Divorce

  1. Divorce means failure – Too many people believe that getting a divorce means that they are failures. It’s not true at all. Divorce just means the end of one thing and the beginning of another. It doesn’t matter if your marriage was short or long, you are not a failure. What’s wrong with two people wanting something new, and going their separate ways? Nothing. Actually, many people find that their lives get better once a divorce is finalized.
  2. One person is to blame for the divorce – Occasionally, it is possible that one party is primarily responsible for a divorce, such as domestic violence cases, but more often, both people share the responsibility of a marriage ending. Nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes two people are just better off not being married to each other.
  3. Divorce is always expensive – Divorce does not always have to be expensive. Many couples choose to hire lawyers who help set up a mutual agreement. This approach to divorce often reduces the cost by a great deal.
  4. Children suffer from divorce – It’s true that a divorce can be somewhat stressful on children, but it is not harmful. Actually, experts agree that parents fighting in front of their kids is far worse. Children need a safe and peaceful environment more than anything. Parents who are living apart may be able to offer more of that than if they were still together.
  5. Being unhappy at a certain point leads to divorce – There are a lot of people who say things like “You’ll be okay if you make it past the first two years”. This implies that there are certain points during a marriage that you are more likely to get divorced and even acts as an easy excuse to call it quits and blame it on that pesky second year. Every marriage goes through rough patches at different points. Being unhappy for short periods can generally be remedied with counseling. If the patch lasts longer than a few short months, and counseling has not improved the situation, then you may need to consider divorce.

Never be ashamed if you are thinking about getting a divorce. Nothing is perfect, and some people are just better off apart. No matter what you are going through, just remember that you are not alone, and there is help.

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