Co-Parenting Through COVID

coparenting through covid

During these unprecedented times we have clients reaching out to gain insight into navigating this unknown territory when it comes to family law matters in regards to custody and conservatorship. We recognize that when it comes to these matters we are currently experiencing with COVID-19 it may not be as clear. 

We want to take a moment to share some insight into how you can successfully co-parent through COVID. 

1—Follow The Possession Schedule

We recognize that child custody can be an overwhelming issue to face, not to mention it can be confusing. We want to provide clarification by advising that during this time the possession schedule does not change. You are still legally required to follow the order that the Court has outlined in your existing possession order. 

2—Follow County Orders 

In addition to following CDC recommendations and guidelines it is essential to follow County Orders. Effective at 11:59pm on March 25th, through a seven day period (unless otherwise extended) Denton County has issued a Stay-At-Home order. “All individuals are ordered to stay at home or their current place of residence” and should only leave for essential functions as stated in the order here. Dallas, Tarrant, and Collin Counties have also issued “Shelter-in-Place” orders. 

You Can Find Each of the County Stay-At-Home Orders Below:

Denton County Shelter-In-Place Order
Dallas County Shelter-In-Place Order
Collin County Shelter-In-Place Order
Tarrant County Shelter-In-Place Order

3—Parental Exchange During Stay-At-Home Order 

According to the “Seventh Emergency Order Regarding the COVID-19 State of Disaster” the pick-up and drop-off of children during the current Stay-At-Home Order in place in Denton County is considered an “essential function”. =

This means that you are able to continue to exchange – keeping with the Standard Possession Order.

In order to ensure that recommended health measures are in place during the exchange we recommend reviewing the CDC guidelines for “How to Protect Yourself” regarding the COVID-19 virus. During the exchange avoid close contact, if you are sick try to stay home and work with a friend or family member to help with the exchange in order to avoid the risk of exposing others. 

If you have concerns about your possession schedule or exchange we are here to help answer any questions and navigate all family law matters during this time. 

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