Can Mediation Make Divorce Easier on My Family?

Thinking about filing for divorce?

Mediation is an option for divorce that does not receive enough discussion. If spouses are on the fence about the divorce terms, but feel that they can cooperate with each other, then mediation is an option that could be considered. A mediated divorce could be much easier on your family than a contested divorce, where the parties do not agree on the terms. Mediation allows you and your spouse to work with a neutral third party (the mediator) to create divorce terms. It could be easier on your family for reasons that include but are not limited to:

  1. It may be cheaper: With mediation, you and your spouse can schedule appoints with a mediator off of work hours. Attorneys’ fees may be more expensive with a traditional divorce. A less expensive divorce option means more money that you could spend on your family.
  2. It encourages cooperation: Children may be caught in the middle of a contested divorce. They may witness their parents fight over divorce terms. Constant fights can wear your children down emotionally. Mediation could allow your children to see you and your former spouse working together.
  3. It may take less time: Depending on the circumstances, some divorces can take a very long time to finalize. Divorce can be stressful on families, for both parents and children. Mediation may help cement the terms of divorce in shorter period of time.
  4. It focuses on the family: Mediation gives divorcing spouses leeway to create the terms of their divorce agreements. You and your former spouse could work with a mediator to develop terms that benefit the entire family.
  5. It helps with accountability: With mediation, all parties have a direct role in coming to an agreement on the terms of a divorce. This may help make it easier and more likely that the terms will be followed.

Is a Mediated Divorce Right for Everyone?

Mediation is not a good choice for all families. Some spouses simply will not be able to work together. Certain aspects of a divorce case may also be too complex for mediation to resolve. Whether or not mediation is the best option for your family depends on the circumstances. You should speak with a family law attorney to explore this option further or to learn of other options that could be available for your situation.

The North Texas divorce lawyers at The Julian Firm, P.C. can help you explore a mediated divorce or other options in more detail. Attorney Jared Julian is a licensed mediator with experience helping couples mediate their divorce.