Can I Seek a Divorce Modification in Texas?

Seeking a modification to your divorce terms? Contact us for help.

Have you gone through the divorce process only to figure out that you are paying too much for child support or spousal support? Do you want to seek a change related to child custody?

If you are in this position, you should be aware that you could seek a divorce modification in Texas. Speak to our Lewisville family attorneys about changing your current agreement. We often handle cases for clients relating to spousal and child support modifications to filing an affidavit of preference for offspring.

Even if you worked with another attorney during your divorce, our lawyers can help you in a cost-effective manner. Reasons why someone may seek a divorce modification include:

  • Job loss or a promotion
  • Serious illness
  • A move to another state or country
  • The failure of a former spouse to adhere to a decree

Actor Terrence Howard Seeks Divorce Modification

We bring up this subject because recently it was reported that Academy Award nominated actor Terrence Howard is seeking a divorce modification. The Empire star is reportedly attempting to overturn the agreement he has had in place with his ex-wife since 2013.

Howard claims that the agreement was made after his ex-wife Michelle Ghent threatened to leak embarrassing information about him to the public. He claims that she extorted him during the divorce process. Notably, Ghent has contended that Howard participated in acts of domestic violence when they were married and claims that she is owed money under the agreement. The couple divorced in 2010.

As of last week, Howard was expected to testify in a family court.

Talk to Our Lewisville Family Attorneys about a Divorce Modification

As this case shows, drama can continue even after a marriage ends and a divorce has been finalized. To seek a divorce modification in Texas, speak to our Lewisville family lawyers. We can guide you through this process and help you achieve your goals when it comes to changing your agreement.