Can I Modify My Child Support Agreement for Lower Payments?

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If you were ordered by the court to pay child support, then it could eventually become necessary to modify the agreement. This is especially true if your children are young and the payments are expected to continue for years. You could experience economic hardship or other factors that make payments difficult or impossible.

Child support modifications can lead to a decrease in payments if you meet the eligibility requirements in Texas. Eligibility would depend on whether you experienced a material and substantial change in your circumstances. Other factors may also be taken into account when your case is reviewed. Common reasons for a change in circumstances may include:

  • You become responsible for more children: If you become responsible for additional children, then it could become necessary to modify your child support payments. For example, if you and your new spouse had a child, then it may become necessary to seek a modification.
  • Your income decreases: If you lose your job or receive a demotion at work, then it could become necessary to seek a modification. It is possible that other factors that led to a decrease in income could also be considered.
  • Your children’s medical coverage or living arrangements change: It could be necessary to modify payments when your child’s living arrangement or medical coverage changes.
  • Active duty status: If you are in the military, then it might be possible to receive a modification if you are returning to active duty status.

These are only a few reasons why you may need to seek a child support modification. Each case is going to be different. Just because you believe it is necessary to receive a modification does not mean you will receive one. Furthermore, you and your spouse must receive a modification through a court order. Agreeing to a modification without the approval of the court could lead to serious legal repercussions.

The eligibility requirements for a modification in Texas are why you should speak with an attorney beforehand. An attorney with experience handling modification requests and hearings could help facilitate the process.

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