Arrested for Child Support Nonpayment? Know Your Rights

Photo of an unruly child

As family law attorneys, our law firm represents people who have been accused of failing to pay child support and those who are seeking it.

If you have been ordered by a court to pay child support, you are legally obligated to do so. If you fail to make payments, you can be arrested and be charged criminally with child-support nonpayment. In Texas, many counties initiate warrant sweeps for child support nonpayment, so you will see stories about widespread arrests, with the names of those suspected of failing to make payments displayed predominately in the media.

Recently, the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office conducted a sweep, in which 16 people were arrested for nonpayment. Officials served arrest warrants at suspect homes and places of employment. Those who were arrested face up to six months in jail for nonpayment.

If you are struggling to meet child support obligations, you can contact our Lewisville family attorneys to seek a potential modification to your plan. Texas child support takes into account income and many other factors—if you have changed jobs, or have had an issue come up like a medical or family emergency that resulted in your income diminishing, you may able to modify the support you are obligated to pay so that it fits your current income level.

A child support nonpayment conviction could be detrimental when it comes to maintaining or finding employment, which is troublesome because you need income to make payments.

Talk to our attorneys about how you can fight child support charges and/or have them reduced, or speak to us before your case makes the news or leads to an embarrassing arrest.

Do Not Let Your Child Support Payments Become an Undue Burden

Our attorneys can represent you in all facets of child support matters. In addition to representing clients who seek out modifications, our Lewisville family lawyers also represent those who are seeking court orders regarding another parents’ failure to pay child support.

You can reach our family lawyers by calling (972) 459-4400 or by using the case review form located on this page.