Are Women More Likely to Initiate a Divorce?

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Recently, the Washington Post had an interesting story indicating that women are more likely to initiate divorces in America.

Research conducted by Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld revealed that of more than 2,200 people in heterosexual partnerships who were surveyed over the course of five years, women initiated divorces 69 percent of the time.

“Today Americans want not only a spouse who is reliable and reasonable, but also someone who is their best friend, and a great lover, and someone who pays the bills … but is also really fun,” said Rosenfeld, according to the Post.

Rosenfeld found that women are more likely to report patterns of unhappiness within a marriage than men are. Interestingly, relationships that do not involve marriage, women and men generally initiated breakups at equal rates, according to the survey.

One woman Rosenfeld polled when his study began reported that her satisfaction with her soon-to-be husband was “good”, saying that it was not “excellent” because she wished he were more romantic. The couple divorced four years later, with the woman saying, “I used to be a very happy optimistic person and it was like he was slowly starving my soul.”

Rosenfeld said that some of his findings echo a theory called “The Feminine Mystique,” which involves unhappiness among middle-class homemakers. The theory is that as more women are entering the American workforce, they have “no practical need for husbands who don’t make them happy.”

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While women may be more likely to report unhappiness with their marriage and seek a divorce, all parties involved a union should not let emotional toxicity enter into their lives. No matter what your sex is, if you are unhappy with your marriage, you have legal options.

In many cases, a divorce is a therapeutic option for people who are not happy. While a divorce may be contentious, they are often in the best interest of both parties involved, as there is little that can be done to alleviate issues including a lack of emotional support or romance.

If you are contemplating a divorce or your spouse has filed for one, you will need to deal with issues including child custody, the division of marital assets, alimony and child support. Make sure you work with our compassionate Lewisville divorce attorneys, who can assist you with council.

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