4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get a Prenup

Thinking about filing for divorce?

When getting married, thinking about getting a prenup can be the last thing you want to think about. Who wants to think about the possible end to a wedding when it’s just about to begin? Getting a prenup isn’t the same as betting against your marriage. Think of it as an opportunity to openly discuss your finances with your significant other. During that discussion, here are some questions you should ask both your significant other and yourself.

Questions to Ask Before Getting a Prenup

  1. What are each of our assets? The greater the difference between your assets and those of your partner, the more you may want to consider getting a prenup. But just because neither of you are wealthy does not necessarily mean that you should forego the prenup.
  2. Do we both have the same spending habits? Both of you do not need to have the same philosophy when it comes to money. One of you can prefer to spend more and the other can prefer to save more. What’s important is that you both communicate your own goals and recognize each other’s. This will help to ensure that both of your financial needs will be met.
  3. What do I know about my significant other’s credit? Before getting married is the optimal time to talk about fun things like all the debt you’re each currently in. It’s also good to discuss both the possibilities of accumulating new debt in the future and how each of you would handle that situation.
  4. What jobs will you each have and what income will you each be bringing in? It’s important for both of you to have the same expectations of how much money you will both be earning for the duration of the marriage. Will both of you continue to work if you have kids? Are career changes likely for either of you in the future? These questions are worth discussing.

Talking about this is a difficult discussion, especially when you and your partner are trying to plan a romantic wedding celebration. However, if you have considered a prenup, then a conversation covering these questions and others is essential.

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