Lindsey Wilson

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Meet Lindsey J. Wilson

Attorney at Law


Lindsey Wilson has been an attorney at The Julian Firm since 2018, previously having joined the firm in 2016 as an experienced, senior paralegal.

Lindsey was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and moved to Coppell, Texas when she was two years old. Lindsey was raised in Coppell, Texas, where her mother still lives to date. Lindsey has an older brother, who is in the title industry. As babies, Lindsey and her brother were both adopted, which was the driving force in Lindsey’s interest in family law. Lindsey was on the Coppell High School Lariettes and enjoyed participating in choir. Her most memorable moment in choir was performing at the last concert of the millennium at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Lindsey was a family law paralegal for ten years and a criminal defense paralegal for four years prior to attending law school. She was admitted into the inaugural class of UNT Dallas College of Law. She knew from the first day in law school that she wanted to continue with a career-focused specifically on family law. Lindsey was steadfast throughout her law school career while maintaining full-time employment as a paralegal. During her law school experience, Lindsey was the Vice President of the Veteran Law Students Association and was selected to be on the Judicial Board.

Additionally, Lindsey has a passion for protecting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. In her last year of law school, she interned for Denton County Friends of the Family and assisted with litigation related to victims of violence.
Lindsey believes her purpose as an attorney is to zealously represent individuals involved in family law issues, whether it be a divorce, an adoption, or a child support case. She is extremely detail-oriented and believes that communication with clients is of the utmost importance. Representing people during the most difficult, stressful times of their lives is not something that Lindsey takes lightly. She takes the time to explain the client’s specific situation, the best possible outcome, and attempt to resolve the issues without litigation. However, if litigation is required, Lindsey and the legal team at The Julian Firm fiercely advocate for their clients in the courtroom.

When Lindsey is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two stepsons. She enjoys a variety of activities: ranging from beach vacations to sitting in a deer blind. Lindsey’s most cherished possession in the entire world is her Italian Greyhound rescue, Girlfriend. Girlfriend is now a lively twelve-year-old “puppy”, who definitely runs the house.

Lindsey is a member of the Dallas Bar Association, the Denton Bar Association, the American Bar Association.