Every partner, associate and staff member of The Julian Firm works to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Our commitment is to aggressively represent you with a focus on reason and wisdom. From the first consultation to the very end of the process, you’ll be backed by a legal team you can count on to compassionately guide you.

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The purpose and primary objective of the Julian Firm, P.C. is the betterment of our client. In order to achieve this goal, it is the duty of each attorney, paralegal and staff member to focus on the realistic goals of those who have entrusted the firm, to guide them through a most difficult time in his/her life and to provide the highest level of zealous, ethical legal reputation. We will listen. We will understand the client’s needs and goals. We will thoroughly investigate and prepare. We will counsel the client and manage realistic expectations. We will effectively communicate with the client. We will be aggressive in seeking and obtaining the best outcome for the clients. We will never compromise our integrity or ethics for anyone or for any purpose. In Adhering to our mission and our values, we seek to be known as Attorneys and Paraprofessionals of the highest caliber, pillars of our community and a friend to all who seek justice. We proudly serve Denton County and surrounding areas.

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The attorneys, paralegals and staff at the Julian Firm understand that you are going through one of life’s most difficult tribulations. This involves your family and your finances. It involves your children, your relationships and your identity – in essence – this involves everything important to you and who you are. We get it. It’s extraordinarily personal and painful. When facing such enormous pressure and the accompanying anxiety, you need professionals that are calmly and compassionately focused on helping you through this time while aggressively representing you and your interests. We are who you are looking for. About Our Firm


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